Porcelain veneers - the best way for a beautiful smile!

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of pressed porcelain handmade with artistic talent of the dentist sartifitsiran the newest product on the world leader in dental ceramics but Ivoclar-Vivadent County Liechtenstein. They are glued on the front surfaces of teeth, and thus can change their color, shape, size and position. For the preparation of veneers require minimal drilling only in front of the teeth, and sometimes without grinding is achieved visokoestetichen rezultat.Fasetite are magic that makes a beautiful smile and irresistible!

Explorers of the facets is considered California dentist Charles Pinkas. In 1901 he placed porcelain veneers, which can change the smiles of Hollywood actors. At first it was used only as a temporary means for poor and non-permanently bonded to the veneers. Today we photopolymer due to high cement of Ivoclar-Vivadent / Variolink-Veneer fix porcelain veneers and their perfection is evident after '10 by placing them.

Anyone life is like to have a beautiful smile can easily be fulfilled her dream. It takes two visits to the dentist-tiler who will examine you, will explain and then show you by a momentary display without any effect on your teeth, what can be achieved with veneers. This will certainly change your life, because a beautiful smile opens all doors, confident and you'll get complete satisfaction and well-being of himself

Before you undergo any procedure, ask for pictures of your dental tiler of his cases of patients before treatment and after treatment and make sure that his patients are real and not a "beautiful white Hollywood smile" downloaded from the Internet.