Treatment with screw titanium implants

"When you start to sleep separately from your teeth, it is getting old"
Throw your dentures and dental smile in the world!

In our practice we offer advanced therapy ednochastovi implants Swiss company Biomed - property Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde-dental surgeon with 25 years experience in dental implantology.

The system enables instant (imediantno) refund within 3 days after placing implantiti, the technique in most cases requires no incisions and shevove.Pokriva The whole range of clinical cases of single missing teeth in an overall (total) toothless jaws . The implants can be placed immediately after removal of diseased teeth.

Patients were satisfied because within a week - end treatment without incisions, no stitches, no need to wait
between 3 and 6 mesetsa.That saves them time and money. Through the new implants GCS MU and GBC MU with built multiyunit Abutment designed to meet all the needs of modern dental implantology are solved with ease 90% of all clinical cases.

We also offer treatment dvuchastovi implants when treatment protocol requires it because of the huge variety of clinical cases in dental implantology.

All implants made ​​of highly resistant to fracture, a biocompatible alloy Ti6Al4V ELI in accordance with ASTM F136. Implants are packaged in a concentrated solution osmoaktiven-Osmoactive.