Prices of our services

Ceramic veneer IPS e.max IVOCLAR-VIVADENT 600 lv. Book
Ceramic crown IPS e.max IVOCLAR-VIVADENT 600 lv. Book
Metal-ceramic crown 200 lv. Book
Metal/blend crown 100 lv. Book
Supersound tartar cleaning 60 lv. Book
Photopolimeric (white) filling 60 lv. Book
Treatment of pulpitis/periodontitis 100-200 lv. Book
Extractions 50-150 лв. Book
Bleaching with "ZOOM 2" 720 лв. Book
Bleaching with Day White slints 220 lv. Book

* Works with National Health Insurance Fund

* Работа със Здравна каса

Contemporary Orthodontic Treatment - A beautiful smile requires Teeth arranged.
Placing the metal, transparent, lingual / inside the teeth / braces and individual
Invisaling-braces invisible / transparent / replacement brackets in most cases.
Prices for the entire period of treatment for a jaw from 1400 lv.

Products that work:

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